What people say about me

"Music is truly her craft and what she is meant to be doing. [Sydney] is truly a gifted, talented person. She is the whole package."
Tammy Goforth in Katy-Fulshear Lifestyles and Homes Magazine

"15 year old from Katy, TX, Sydney Bryant stole the show last night at Pointe West, Galveston, Texas. She's vacationing here with her family and offered to sing for us while the band was on break. The only problem was that she was so awesome the crowd didn't want the band to come back! Incredible voice and she writes her own songs! Very Very talented!!! Look for her soon on American Idol. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!"
Lisa Arthur, Facebook (Jul 25, 2015)

"She's a chick Ed Sheeran. You're a bad ass, and I always tell people 'show your bad ass-ness.' I really dug it, that was awesome, I enjoyed it. (in reference to "Feel My Pain")"
Rick Barker, former artist manager to Taylor Swift - Springboard South Young Artist Panel

"I love the fact that you are your own rhythm section. I love the fact that this song wasn't about you. You've read people's diaries and you're writing about it. You did a great job of emoting the song to me. (in reference to "Feel My Pain")"
Ruth McCartney, McCartney Multimedia, Inc. - Springboard South Young Artist Panel

"I think you have a great song here. You will open doors for yourself. People who are famous today are famous because they had a great song. One great song opened the door for them. I think that song you have is bad ass. I think it's great. (In reference to "Feel My Pain")"
Tracy Matthews, CEO, The ME Company, LLC - Springboard South Young Artist Panel

"...she's kicking down the door to the music industry."
Landan Kuhlmann - Katy Rancher

"Those who hear her sing cannot connect her voice to a 15-year-old artist, and the depth of her lyrics is far beyond her years, tagging her as an "old soul" by the many people who have heard her music and have worked closely with her."
The Katy Times - The Katy Times

"...recording artist and singer/songwriter Sydney Bryant, 15, is on the rise in the music world, amassing an impressive catalog of original songs for piano and guitar, both of which she plays to accompany her unique vocals."
The Katy News - The Katy News