I began my journey in music as a seven-year-old second grader begging my non-musical parents to let me start taking piano lessons. After promising over and over to practice, and getting special permission to use the piano in the music room before school, the lessons began - and so did my passion for music. My piano teacher, Mrs. T.K. Goforth, considered me a natural musician, and believed that I truly felt the music I was playing. As I progressed, Mrs. Goforth encouraged me to try writing my own music. The song that resulted from this assignment, "Where Am I Here," was performed publicly for the first time at the Beckendorff Junior High pop show and received an overwhelmingly positive response. This same song actually appears as one of the songs on my debut EP, Fourteen. The acoustic guitar was added to my repertoire in the summer of 2014, and it is my new love and source for many of my newest songs, along with the addition of a looping pedal.

I am inspired by so many different musicians and songwriters, from Ed Sheeran and Sara Bareilles to The Script, Michael Bublé, and an array of country artists (I am from Texas, after all). I seem to find something different and interesting in everything I listen to, and I try to incorporate those things into my own songwriting. I am a lover of lyrics as well. The pictures that lyrics are able to create are invaluable to those hearing the song and experiencing the song's emotions.

I am currently pursuing my professional goals by playing at local venues to promote my music, connect with and learn from other musicians, and learn about my audience. I would love to see you come out to a show!

What people say about me

"Great voice, great rhythm, great crowd participation, great music (your original song was amazing). Creativity was out of this world! You created a loop onstage, and that's KILLER! I believe in your talent and artistry 100%!" Professional performance review #1, House of Blues Bringin' Down the House

"The looping onstage was insane! In a great way. Good performance!" professional performance review #2, House of Blues Bringin’ Down the House

"She's a chick Ed Sheeran. You're a bad ass, and I always tell people 'show your bad ass-ness.' I really dug it, that was awesome, I enjoyed it. (in reference to "Feel My Pain")" Rick Barker, former artist mgr to Taylor Swift - Springboard South Young Artist Panel

"I think you have a great song here. You will open doors for yourself. People who are famous today are famous because they had a great song. One great song opened the door for them. I think that song you have is bad ass. I think it's great. (In reference to "Feel My Pain")" Tracy Matthews, CEO, The ME Company, LLC - Springboard South Young Artist Panel

"...she's kicking down the door to the music industry." Landan Kuhlmann - Katy Rancher